You’re okay that he gets to have me before you do?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

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It might be a game you play.

For tonight, she means, he gets “first dibs” and you get seconds.

It could be even more intense, though.

There’s some couples who have been together awhile but haven’t had sex yet.

And maybe she’s saying, another guy gets to have her body first, before you get her.

She doesn’t have to be a virgin to play this game. You might just like the idea… and maybe she’s a little bit into it too.

If she IS a virgin, well… that’s next level, isn’t it? Let another guy be the first to deflower your special lady, and possible future wife? Damn. It’s just crazy enough to be super-hot.

It’s up to you how you play this. It’s all a game of teasing you, denying you.

If she’s into it, enjoy yourselves.

Just make sure you’re tough enough — and strong enough as partners — to deal with the consequences…

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