Cuckolds want sex, but what if his hotwife falls in love?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Be careful what you wish for, horny husbands.

You might think you’re in for a sexy peep-show while she gets it on with a big-dicked boyfriend.

She might have other plans… even if she’s not conscious of them.

Men with cuckold and stag tendencies really want her to hop in bed with other men.

Most of these guys are thinking “live porn”. If you’ve got the kink, this scenario is erotic in every way. It’s pleasing mentally and physically, mind and body.

Damn, just look at her taking off her clothes, getting naked in front of another man, getting felt up, touched, licked, penetrated by another guy.

That part’s super-hot, no doubt.

What the cucks probably aren’t thinking about so much is what happens after everybody gets off and she’s got another man’s load on her stomach after her third orgasm with a dick twice his size.

What happens if a hotwife falls for her bull on a level beyond sex?

What if she can’t separate the physical act from the emotional and romantic connection?

What if she believes she can at first… only to find out that she feels differently after he’s been inside her?

Based on the many letters we get from our readers, this worries both cuckold men and would-be hotwives.

They’re very interested in encouraging her to have hot sex with other male partners. But they’re also terribly worried about what this would do to their relationship.

They aren’t wrong.

The reason we, myself and the editors, started WHTC was to give you an honest look at the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle.

We want to tell those sexy stories, for sure, but we also want to give you the straight cut.

The reality is that, sexual urges put to the side, most romantic couples who “just want to experiment” probably shouldn’t do it. The fact that so many men feel they have to convince their wives to do it should be a warning sign.

It’s true that some women are hesitant because they have the wrong idea… but it’s also true that a lot of people just aren’t ever going to be comfortable sharing sexually.

If that happens, that’s okay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying monogamous if you have a cuckold kink. As strange as it might be to write that.

Sex is sexy, but sex isn’t everything in your relationship. If either one of you has the slightest reservations about hooking up with a third, whether it’s the act of fucking or the after-date regrets or anything else, you really shouldn’t bring another man into the situation.

There are “poly” people out there… there are people out there who can live as swingers… there are genuine cuckolds who crave submission and a “femdom” lifestyle. No shame… you get your kicks how you get them and we salute you.

But for those of you couples who are into this because you like the porn, or because you think it’s super-hot during foreplay, you should have a hard think about doing it for-real.

You probably won’t have any trouble. But what happens if you wife, or you if you are the hotwife, end up falling in love with the other guy and ending your marriage?

Is that worth it to you for a good fucking? Can you honestly say that there’s no way this will happen?

You might be better off watching porn, role-playing, and reading sexy erotica stories about cuckolding.

This isn’t about discouraging you. If you want to try it, try it. You’re grown adults, we don’t make your decisions. And, yeah, it probably will be super exciting, erotic, and satisfying if you do.

We only want to make sure that you really are thinking about the risks beyond your next hard-on.

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