Is cuckolding only for older married couples? Hotwives & cuckolding play in college

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Lots of cuckolds are men in their 40s and up who have been married for a long time, with their hotwives and cuckoldresses also skewing towards middle age.

At least that’s the impression you’ll get if you read around hotwife and cuckolding groups online. (It may also be true at your local swinger’s club.)

What about younger couples? Is cuckolding for you if you’re 19 or 23?

Is it weird to have a cuckold fantasy or a desire to be a hotwife when you’re young?

Maybe not. A lot of Millennials and Gen Z report having cuckold fantasies starting as early as their teens. This has a lot to due with porn being all over the place now.

The culture is more sexual, too. Hookup apps like Tinder make it really easy for younger men and women to meet for sex without any long-term entanglements.

Visually stimulated men are meeting women who have infinite opportunities for male attention. That’s a ripe breeding ground for hotwives and men who want to be in cuckold relationships.

Why might a younger couple want to explore cuckolding?

  • Young couples are still figuring out themselves and each other
  • Younger couples are more likely to experiment
  • Younger people are more likely to be around sexually open people and environments

Nobody really knows what they want at age 21

We’re long past the days when a young couple would meet and get married by age 20. Many couples today aren’t getting married until their 30s.

In today’s environment, your years at university are meant as a trial run to figure out yourself — and of course what kind of partner you click with.

There’s ample opportunity for casual sex with lots of different partners.

No doubt some will prefer to stay in a monogamous relationship. But we can’t be surprised that many young women are getting a lot of male attention… or that many young men find themselves growing aroused knowing that the girl he’s crushing on is getting it good and hard from the guys down the hall.

It’s easier to experiment at a young age before real life starts

When you’re young you don’t have the baggage that keeps you from exploring your sexual desires.

You aren’t attached to other people or to very many long-term responsibilities.

You might be in a relationship and still have a FWB or two. Why not?

The problem is that a lot of people in this situation will actually cheat rather than bringing up their feelings and needs to their partners.

We don’t condone cheating around here. If you feel the urge to stray, tell your partner. You never know, he might like it.

And if you want her to stray, the same goes. You know she’s got a lot of opportunities to be ‘unfaithful’.

You’re more likely to be traveling around and being around a lot of new people

There will be few times in a person’s life when they’ll have as many chances to meet new, fun, interesting people.

There will never be more opportunities for casual sex. If you’re stuck in a stuffy monogamous relationship, you won’t be able to take those opportunities. Maybe you won’t regret that. But if you think you might…? You can’t turn back the clock.

Truth is, many people, men and women, are still programmed with monogamous rules. Women don’t want to be known as sluts, so they keep a lid on their “number”. Even if she wants a lot of sex (and gets it), a younger woman is more likely to fiercely guard her reputation.

No young man wants to be known as the cuckold, or the guy that seriously dates the girl everybody’s had a turn with.

That cuts both ways, though. A guy dating a stripper or a porn star might get high-fives. Your cuckold reality is often what you make of it. It’s weird, but most every man responds with arousal to a sexually promiscuous woman.

Young adults at university are also much more likely to be bothered by the realities of female non-monogamy. It’s going to bring up feelings of jealousy, envy, and guilt, and there’s always the big risk of shame if the news gets out. “Cuck” isn’t a nice word outside our hotwife/cuckolding sub-culture.

What can you do if you’re curious?

A lot of university-age couples live in different towns. You can open up the relationship while you’re apart, with the condition that it’s only temporary. Maybe you two will only open it up for her, while he remains monogamous (if that’s more to your liking).

Phone sex, and more recently texting, makes it easy to have a vicarious hotwife/cuckold relationship while you’re apart.

Even if you’re physically together, you can take advantage of the availability of easy sex. Tell her that you’re okay with her being with another guy, as long as she’s honest with you and tells you everything.

Vacations and holiday trips are a great opportunity for your girl to have a casual hookup. If she’s heading off to Spring Break with her girlfriends, let her know that she’s got a ‘hall pass’ (and help her out by sending her along with a pack of condoms).

She may not be interested, and that’s okay. But you’ll likely find that many young women, given that first taste of freedom, might be more open than you think… if you’re not pushy and weird about it, as many cuckolds can be.