My fiance wants me to have more sexual experience before we get married

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That’s the definition of kink.

Get her trained up on how to work the dick before you officially put the ring on her finger.

It’s a common fantasy. There’s even boys out there who want her to give up her virginity to another guy before he gets a turn. That’s hardcore.

She doesn’t have to be a virgin, though. You might only be her second or third guy.

Send her out to play the field for a few months before locking it up in matrimonial bliss.

You know what they say: Guys always say they want to marry a virgin, but end up wishing they’d married a slut.

Here’s your chance to make that happen.

Encourage her to fool around on Tinder. Post slutty pictures on reddit and dating sites. Hell, set up an OnlyFans and get paid for it.

As long as you’re in on it together, it’s not cheating. It could even work out for you… if he’s getting off on her hooking up with other guys, and she’s getting the chance to experiment, instead of spending the next 20 years resenting him because she wonders what she missed out on.

No wonder so many marriages break up, you know?

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t plain cheating. It’s both of you, enjoying her unleashed sexuality. That’s not for everyone… but it could be for you.

If it is… don’t deny yourselves. You might regret it.

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