She feels a rush when she realizes she’s still got it

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Maybe she’s a little older, not feeling as good about herself as she once did.

But she’s still incredibly sexy… desirable even to men 10 years her junior… even if she doesn’t always feel it.

To feel sexual, she needs to feel wanted. More than wanted.

Desired. Lusted after.

How do you help her feel that?

If you’re a husband who wants to be her cuckold, you’d better pay attention.

Monogamy kills sex drive. Men can find themselves sexually bored with the same woman. Women settle down into a “relationship rut”, after the new-guy tingles wear off.

They still love each other. They just don’t get each other hot and passionate like they used to.

If you want her to feel sexy, desirable… and therefore open to having sex… you need to give her that attention.

The trick is, hubby’s probably not the one to give it to her.

She needs validation from elsewhere.

Which is why so many couples find themselves drawn to cuckold and hotwife relationships.

When she gets attention from another man… maybe a man she’s had her eye on, a man who makes her feel good and attractive, maybe he’s even a few years younger… those inner fires wake up again.

She might even want to fuck him. If only she weren’t married.

What if hubby wanted it? What if he gave her his permission?

That would satisfy her appetites… while giving him what he wants, too.

She might be a little older, but desirability is all in her mind.

It’s a cuckold husband’s job to help her see this.

Encourage her to open up, and explore… not because you want to watch her for yourself. That’s thinking like a man.

See it from her position. Encourage her to explore those feelings that she feels when a man flirts with her, giving her that attention she’s missing.

Your cuckold fantasy might be about sex, but it begins in her mind and her heart.

Show her how good it feels to be the object of desire for men and watch her passion wake up…

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