She talked him into cuckolding (how?)

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Cuckolding is mostly a “guy” fantasy.

Which is weird because you’d think the ladies get the most out of it…

She’s got a loving, loyal guy “at home”, with the privilege of sexual fun with any guy that strikes her fancy.

Strange as it is, having her fool around with other guys is HIS idea 9 cases out of 10.

When SHE brings it up, that changes the formula.

First things first, if that’s not her man’s kink, he’s going to be mad. And we’re talking about, end this relationship right now, kind of mad. For guys that don’t have the kink, cuckolding and hotwifing is just plain old cheating.

Like it or not, a lot of men are not into sharing and you’ve got to respect that… if you’re the lady taking the shot with her fella, you’ve got to be aware of that possibility before you drop this bomb on him.

There’s good news.

For one, a lot of it depends on how you bring it up and how you present it to him. “Babe, I wan’t to fuck other guys while you put on a cock cage and a pink dress” probably isn’t the way into this.

If you’re bringing it up while he’s horny AF and you’re watching MFM porn, and you’re gentle about it, you might get more of a response.

It’s a least a chance to see how he feels about it without diving into a pool of hot acid.

For two, what you mean by “cuckolding” can be flexible. There’s all kinds of “cuckold fantasies” that aren’t actually about plain-old cuckolding, with all the humiliation and BDSM angles.

A guy that might get wildly turned on sharing you in a stag/vixen arrangement might want nothing to do with a full-on femdom style of cuckoldry. He might even accept it as a “tit for tat” situation if you’re willing to play with girls or swing with other couples.

That might not be the situation you want, if you want to turn him into an angsty sub with small penis humiliation. But if you just want his blessing to fuck other dudes, you’ve got a lot better chances of convincing him if you go about it this way.

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