She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!)

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There’s a time-tested way to turn your boyfriend into a cuckold:

Have sex with another man behind his back. Make sure everyone knows it but him.

That’s not the kind of cuckolding we’re into around here. We prefer the kind where the hotwife gets sex from other guys and her stag husband knows all about it.

While it’s not as common for women to bring it up, you find many cases where it’s the would-be hotwife, and not her husband, that first hits on the idea of ‘voluntary cuckolding’.

But men who don’t already have a strong cuckold fantasy, and that is most men, are not going to take this news in stride. If you’re the woman bringing this up, you could be risking your relationship, or worse.

You can’t bet that your average boyfriend or husband will be down with sharing you.

The good news: there are ways to test the waters and maybe even get him on board. You must know how to hit his buttons in the right way.

There ways to bring up your fantasy with subtlety, without running him off. Here’s what we’ll talk about in this article:

Why a wannabe hotwife should NEVER surprise her partner with her cuckold fantasy

Why you should bring it up to him when he is at his most aroused

What do you do if he’s open to the idea of being cuckolded?

Cuckolding is a male-driven fantasy. In almost every case it’s the boyfriend or husband with the desire to watch his lady have sex.

When the girlfriend or wife brings up a cuckold fantasy, the dynamic’s all different. When a guy learns that he’s turned on by imagining his girl hooking up with other men, he’s got to jump through a lot of hoops to bring this up to her.

Women face a different set of challenges.

Thanks to the details of male and female mating strategies, a woman who brings it up is probably working off of different motives.

Naturally, both the husband and wife half of the couple will feel suspicious if the other brings it up out of the blue. Men and women will be skeptical, but there’s different reasons behind the hesitation.

The first thing you MUST remember is…

Never spring your cuckold fantasy on your partner with no warning!

Men have more reason to worry about sexual infidelity than women. She’s the one that can get pregnant with another man’s kid… and she’s the one that ultimately decides if the relationship is over.

She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!) 1

If you blurt out to your husband that you want sex with another guy, even if it’s just sex, even if you’re really turned on by hotwifing with no strings, he’s going to have good reason to think you’re looking for an “out”.

That means you’ve got to move slow and carefully.

Feel out his responses. Bring up your sexual fantasies over a bottle of wine. Watch porn and see what he responds to.

Who knows, if you steer the conversation towards your favorite brand of MFM, interracial, cuckold creampie porn… he might beat you to the punch!

Whether or not this works depends on your husband.

Is he highly sexual? Open minded?

Is he assertive and jealous? Or is he more likely to do anything you want if he believes it will please you?

Don’t assume anything. Some of the most active cucks and hot-husbands are stereotypical ‘alpha male’ types. You might think he’d only get jealous and controlling… only to find that he CANNOT WAIT for you to date another guy for sex.

You’re walking a delicate rope between his pride and male ego, and his sexual desires (not to mention yours).

The trick any woman who wants to become a cuckoldress must know is that…

He’ll listen to almost anything if he’s horny enough

This is the secret to talking about any sexual fantasy.

She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!) 2

Don’t bring it up over dinner. It’s not a good time if he’s paying the bills or fixing the sink. “Here’s the screwdriver honey… by the way I’ve been thinking I’d like to fuck that hot guy always smiling at me at the gym.”

That’s the wrong move.

Wait until you’ve been making out, heavy petting, stroking his cock until he’s begging for release… and then…

Ask him about his kinkiest, dirtiest sexual fantasies

When you’re wound up in heat of the moment, you’ll say things… feel things… and agree to things that you’d NEVER agree to in the sober post-coital state of mind.

This is the best time to strike. And you can make it seem harmless enough, too.

Ask him what he thinks about. Then you share what gets you hot.

If you’ve never talked about cuckolding or even swinging, don’t rush straight to the point. “Baby, I’d love it if you watched me fuck another man” is not the right opening move.

Instead, work your way around it. Talk about your exhibitionist streak. Let him know how much it would turn you on for him to watch you.

Tell him about your friend that was into swinging. Gently bring up the idea of a threesome (but don’t say whether you mean FMF or MFM) and see how he responds.

You might hit paydirt. Your dirty talk might show you that he’s down for it.

The point is that when you come at it with a soft touch, and wait until he’s most receptive — when he’s most horny — you’ve got the best chance of getting what you want.

But what happens if he’s still hesitant?

You might have to face up to the fact that he just isn’t interested. And that’s his right. Not every man wants to be in a cuckold relationship. If he isn’t interested, then don’t press the point. Cuckolding is NOT for everyone.

If you’re miserable in a monogamous relationship with a partner who wants to stay that way, then you should find another relationship. Trying to force your partner into a sexual arrangement they aren’t happy with is not going to satisfy anyone. That goes for the men and women who want to explore voluntary cuckoldry.

But the statistics on frequency of cuckold-curious fantasies in men tell you that a good percentage of men will be at least open to the idea, even if they aren’t enthusiastic up front.

Even if he’s got questions, or feels uncertain, you didn’t get a stone-cold rejection–so you’ve got something to work with.

What can you do if your husband seems receptive to being cuckolded?

If he doesn’t shut down the idea, great. He’s probably turned on by the idea.

But taking it further is a big step. We all know that the fantasy in our heads and the reality of doing it are two different things.

If you’re really keen to turn your husband or boyfriend into a cuckold, you’ve got more work to do.

The first thing you’ve got to do is…

Ease into it and break him in slowly

Show him how aroused you get from this fantasy.

Stress on the “show”.

She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!) 3

It’s one thing to say you enjoy it. Anybody can say anything.

Let him experience that unleashed libido of yours. Show him that you’re turned on… interested in sex… let him feel how wet you get, how the excitement makes you more aggressive and sexually assertive.

Get him to associate your boosted sex-drive with ‘cuckold light’ activities.

Watch porn together. This is always a winner because you can shift the topics to things you like. Show him those raunchy cuckold videos that get you going. Watch threesomes together. We know that men respond strongly to visuals of multiple men with one woman. Use that to your advantage.

Role play a cuckolding situation. This is a risk-free way to explore the fantasy without crossing the line of putting another penis in your body. There’s lots of ways to do this. The easiest way is for her to dress up and leave the house for a couple of hours. She can go run errands or have a drink with a friend while you two pretend she’s getting roughed up by a big-cock stud.

Other ways to build on this include…

Send him racy texts. Tease him about meeting another guy. Send him a picture of your panties. Tell him you want to give a guy a blowjob. Be creative.

Talk about ex boyfriends… or meet one of them for coffee. This is stepping it up a level, but if you’re getting comfortable with the role play, then bring up past lovers who really tickled your cervix just right. If you’re both getting adventurous, then meet an ex for a coffee date. Send your husband provocative texts while you’re out. Leave him wondering “will she? did she?”

Go out without panties. Wear a skirt or a short dress when you do it. More role playing fun. Advertise your sexually availability without going full on slutty. Remind your husband that there’s ‘easy access’ to your fun parts.

None of this will work unless he’s already interested in the idea, though.

If you want to convince him, you have to…

Give him a payoff!

Here’s a thing women might not understand about male sexuality.

If he’s getting something out of the bargain, he’s going to be a lot more likely to go along with your fantasy.

A man’s major concern about you getting sex outside of the relationship comes down to two things: One, paternity. He doesn’t want to be on the hook for raising the kid of another man who knocked up his wife.

Two, losing sexual access to his own wife. You might be surprised at how many men would be “okay” with extramarital sex as long as he’s still getting his in your bedroom.

If your husband knew with absolute confidence that you were coming home to him every night…

And knew that you were no less interested in sex with him…

He would have a lot less reason to be bothered by cuckolding.

Now imagine what could happen if he’s getting MORE sex out of the deal.

If he sees that your desire to cuckold him results in more sexual attention from you, that’s going to let off some of the anxiety.

Even a hesitant man might change his tune if he goes from sex once a week to handjobs and BJs four days a week.

While cuckolding is about teasing and humiliating your husband, he’s got to get something out of it, too. Otherwise you’ve got yourself an abusive relationship, which isn’t in anyone’s best interests.

I wasn’t happy about this at first. I knew where it was going.

But every time she came home from a date, or just flirting with guys she felt attracted to, she came home so horny that she couldn’t keep her panties on.

We went from sex maybe once a month to three or four times a week. Sometimes twice in one day.

I didn’t like it, but it was easy to forgive her when we hadn’t had that much sex since we first started dating.

As told to us by “Brian”, a reader

It’s one thing to reassure him with words. A flood of handjobs, blowjobs, and mind-blowing fucks when you come home horny from your lovers does a whole different kind of convincing.

Let him know that he’s going to get his share of your new sexual energy. He might be resistant to sharing you with another guy (or more)… so make sure that he understands that 1/3rd of 100 is more than 100% of 10.

You know that old saying, a rising libido lifts all cocks.

Once you’ve felt him out and gotten some buy-in from him, you can…

Try these more advanced techniques

Flirt with guys in front of him. This is a bigger step. You’ll actually hit on a guy while your husband is in the room. Where does it stop? Will you kiss the other man? Let him feel you up? Leave with him for half an hour? That’s up to you and your husband.

She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!) 4

Meet guys online for sexting. Find guys and chat with them by text. Tell them dirty thoughts. Ask them what they would do to you. Send sexy pictures to each other. Make sure your husband knows about your online boyfriends.

Use sex toys. Buy a dildo and use it to “cuck” your husband. Get in the mood and tell him that you don’t want his dick tonight. You need your “boyfriend’s” dick instead. Make him watch and help out.

What’s next?

The most important thing we want you to know, prospective cuckoldress, is that however you proceed…

It’s not okay to lie, cheat, or deceive your romantic partner

Please don’t do that.

Once you’ve agreed to a cuckolding relationship, that’s all on the table… as part of the fantasy you can explore together. But the two of you need to be on the same page before that can happen.

Otherwise, you’ve got yourself a dysfunctional, even abusive relationship. We love consenting cuckoldry and hotwifing, but we draw a line in the sand against real abuse and deception, including plain old cheating.

We know you wouldn’t do that. You’re a good person who wants the best for yourself and your partner… including gut-punching good sex.

The best way to turn your boyfriend into a cuckold? Start slow and easy.

She turned her boyfriend into a cuckold (scandalous!) 5

If you’re dreaming of a full-on cuckold relationship with your special guy locked in male chastity, while you’ve got a bull or two for sex, go for it!

But do it together, as a couple. That’s what loving cuckoldry is all about.

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