Why would any man like cuckolding?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s a great question.

Everything you’re ever told about dating, romance, relationships, and marriage tells you that monogamy is the one and only truth.

For guys, there’s a lot of ego tied up in his ability to get, satisfy, and keep a mate.

Why then would you wake up one day with an intense desire to see your wife with another man?

Wouldn’t that just be… the end of your relationship?

Not so fast.

Even monogamous marriages aren’t always faithful. Men and women cheat. A lot.

Many relationships often do end after an affair. But it’s rarely because of the sex-act alone.

Think about it. Almost every affair involves lies, deception, breaking trust, sneaking around behind the partner’s back, and worse. It shows total contempt for the other person and disrespect to the relationship.

None of that happened because another man put his cock in her pussy.

A lot of guys… not all, but a lot… would feel better if it was just a short fuck. It’s all the other stuff around the fuck that makes cheating so awful.

Biological jealousy is a huge turn-on

Research by William McKibbin suggests that “sperm competition” might be a major driver of cuckold fantasies:

the number of images on a DVD cover and screenshots depicting 2 or more men interacting with 1 woman (suggesting the presence of sperm competition) predicts DVD sales rank, whereas the number of images on a DVD cover and screenshots depicting 2 or more women interacting with 1 man (suggesting the absence of sperm competition) does not predict DVD sales rank. 

William McKibbin

Like I’ve said before… men are wired to enjoy a cheating woman. There’s a reason that porn with 2 men and 1 woman is so popular…

It’s weird because guys are supposed to be the aggressive, jealous, proud half of the sexual equation.

Sperm competition explains this. Her “cheating” (even if hubby is only imagining it) activates his sexual desire.

In usual times, this would lead him to greater interest in her, finding her more attractive, and “mate guarding” (keeping her attention in public so that another man won’t steal her away and put his seed in her when nobody’s looking)

Cuckolds and stag husbands have learned how to enjoy and eroticize these feelings. They’ve literally hacked their biology to make an affair into an aphrodisiac.

There’s no aphrodisiac like fear and doubt

The opposite of love is not hate.

It’s indifference.

Here’s the thing. When you get excited, you’re excited.

Your body can’t tell the difference between excitement from sex…

And excitement from fear, anger, or anxiety.

When the cuckold watches his wife seduced and sexified by another man, he’s experiencing all of these feelings at the same time.

Is it any wonder that cuckold husbands report that a cuckold experience is a feeling like none other?

It’s sexy to swap status

This is the same reason that even powerful men, men you might not expect, are into sharing their wives.

It’s a status thing.

He’s on top and in control all day long.

At night, he wants to submit.

Studies show that a man taking a submissive role to a dominant partner can experience emotional highs… even hormonal changes in his body.

Letting another man take control in the bedroom and dominate his wife (and him) is one way to experience that feeling.

And all of the other sexual emotions, too.

It’s hot to watch people fuck

Is this the bottom line?

Porn is the biggest online business by a long way.

The demand for sex is everywhere and you cannot satisfy it.

Watching sex happen in front of you is arousing by itself. Watching when the woman getting laid is your wife or girlfriend is icing on that cake. I’ve already told you why

Do it because they told you not to

Could this be the main reason why men and women are so into it?

Because cuckolding is naughty?

It sure is naughty… and the simple truth that it is wrong, that you will be frowned upon and criticized and judged should your fantasy come out, is a powerful driver for many couples.

That same sexual aggression that drives men… which can be “hacked” into a cuckold fantasy… also makes him a rule-breaker.

So what if he wants his wife to sleep around?

So what if she follows his lead and they have a great and frankly satisfying sex life because she has multiple lovers?

Defying the norms of sexual monogamy might be its own reward.

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