You mean I won’t have PIV sex with you but I can with him?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

All cuckolding relationships are about a dynamic of teasing and denying the husband.

If she’s with that guy she just met, she’s not with her husband.

Don’t ask me about DP, you know what I’m getting at.

PIV sexual intercourse with one man means that the other guy is, at best, getting oral attention.

Even the stags, who are in it for the hot sex and the status of having a sexy and sexually available wife, get some of their satisfaction from “losing her” to another man.

There’s a rush, that some men get, whenever there’s a risk that she might get impregnated by another guy.

Cucks of all types learn that they can harness that rush of sperm competition to make “regular” sex far more exciting.

The fact that he’s “losing her”, sexually, sends his sexual desire into overdrive.

The eroticism of denial and teasing can even be more exciting than fucking her himself. For us humans, sex involves the imagination as much as our bodies.

It’s exciting when your woman, who is committed to your mutual cuckolding game, tells you that you can’t fuck her without a condom… or at all.

It’s a thrill when she takes another man as a sex partner and limits you to eating her out and jerking off on her tits.

It’s exhilarating when a dominant “bull” takes charge of your sex life and tells you what you can, and can’t, do with each other. Being told that he can’t fuck his wife, that he can only have a handjob, can push many a cuckold to new levels of satisfaction.

There’s even that ultimate denial, denying her husband his natural right to father her children. Not to be done lightly, to be sure, but there are situations where it can happen, happily and with erotic intensity for everyone.

Yes, you could look at those boundaries as “denial”. But they aren’t there to humiliate the husband. Nor is he doing this for the negative emotions and poor self-image. The hotwife isn’t doing it to be mean or hurt him, not by a long shot.

She’s doing it because it gets him going and gets him off. (Maybe she takes a little pleasure in being the wicked witch in control of his pleasure, too…)

Your cuckold fantasy can be exciting and satisfying for both of you… even if your cuck isn’t getting any pussy. Often times, it’s better — for him — that way.

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