Showing him the evidence

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

The thing about sex is that it’s intimate. Private.

If your wife has a discreet arrangement with her bull, you may not get to watch them in action.

For your purposes, as a cuckold husband, she could have been doing something totally boring and ordinary.

Maybe she was having a drink with her bff or doing the grocery shopping while you thought she was out getting off with her lover.

You’ve got no way to prove she really was having sex.

Unless she gives you proof.

The easy way to get proof is to have her snap a couple of pics. Even film a short video.

There’s no second guessing a picture of your wife’s pussy penetrated by a cock that does not belong to you. Or a 30 second clip of her riding a man that is obviously not you.

Other couples like to play with more “direct” proof. Like when she brings home the bull’s creampie. This can get messy and not all women will like that part. But, if she’s one of those ladies who loves the feeling of a man’s cum in her pussy, this is easy to do. Once the bull finishes in her, she can slip her panties back on and make her way back home before it all leaks out.

If hubby has a “sperm competition” fetish going on, seeing her soaked panties, seeing another man’s sperm dripping from his wife’s vagina, will turn him on like nothing else. It’s raw animal biology at work. He can’t help himself.

Hotwives, if you’re already exploring extramarital excitement, why not turn it up another few notches? Make it an experience for your cuckold hubby by showing him the evidence.

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