Can you stay intimate when your hotwife is sexually exclusive with her lovers?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

What if you’re a hotwife who loves her husband but doesn’t get anything out of sex with him?

What if you got sex exclusively from your lovers and made your husband stay chaste?

Is that sexy… or too much?

We’ve got a lot of articles here on WHTC about how to stay sexual and intimate in a cuckold relationship while denying hubby access to the pussy.

Instead of PIV sex, you can do lots of other intimate things. Handjobs only. Pussy eating and blowjobs. Outercourse play which includes everything up to and including penetration.

Tease and denial is a major part of cuckolding and even “stag/vixen” style hotwifing.

One way or another hubby is getting off by not getting off in his wife.

That’s all well and good for sexual intimacy.

What about the relationship itself?

Can you really be a couple-couple he’s not putting his cock inside your pussy?

Will a cuckold husband go along with that for a permanent arrangement?

There’s two ways to look at this, fantasy mode and real-life mode.

Fantasy mode is like Penthouse Letters. The more unreal and fantastic the story, the better.

In fantasy mode, a hotwife who goes PIV exclusive with a bull while hubby gets by with BJs, handjobs, pussy eating, and maybe even a fleshlight session is mind-blowingly erotic.

If the hotwife is keeping her cuckold in the loop with texts, pictures, videos, and story-time play in the bedroom, then the excitement level can be off the chart.

In real-life mode, things may not be so rosy. Whatever excitement he may get in the short term is going to wear off sooner or later. When that happens, he might start to have serious regrets.

Don’t take it the wrong way. There are men out there who claim not to have penetrated their wives in years or decades while she gets satisfaction from lovers.

There are men out there who willingly and enthusiastically encourage their wives to get pregnant with a bull’s child.

To each his own. But the average male with a cuckold kink, he’s probably not into that extreme level of commitment.

He’s probably a “vanilla cuckold”… he just wants his wife to get plowed while he enjoys the imagery and experience of a sexually-charged woman.

Keep in mind: no one writing for this site is a counselor or therapist or in any way officially qualified to give you relationship advice. We are an erotica site who writes somewhat realistic fiction tales about cuckold couples and hotwives.

But if it were our relationship… we’d limit total cuckold chastity and bull-exclusive PIV sex to a limited time frame.

Tell hubby your pussy is only for your boyfriend for the next three months while he got to settle for giving you oral and getting handjobs after your date.

You could ratchet up the intensity by letting the bull go inside you raw and creampie you before you head home. (If it’s a guy you trust or has a test, and you’re on BC of course.) Show hubby where the bull finished and get him off with your hands.

After time’s up, let your husband have the pussy. Make him wear a condom if you still want to tease him… but let him in the pussy.

As fun as non-penetrative sex can be, nothing connects you as a couple like having him inside you. The male body knows when it’s getting real pussy.

Around here, we firmly believe that couples who are in this kind of relationship should be reconnecting as often as possible.

Deny the cuck, and then reconnect with him.

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