A monogamous hotwife?

A monogamous hotwife? 1

If you ask around the people you know, most of them wouldn’t call you a monogamous couple if your wife is having sex with other men. Hotwifing and monogamy don’t exactly fit together in most people’s minds. But you’re not most people, are you? If you were, you wouldn’t be reading around about dirty, filthy, …

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What’s stopping your hotwife/cuckold experience

A monogamous hotwife? 2

If we’re being honest, there’s a good chance your wife or girlfriend would be down for a hotwife experience. She’s thinking dirty thoughts and dreaming of dirty desires. Just have a look around at the Slutty Confessions section over on reddit if you want first-hand proof. A lot of men, usually men who don’t have …

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What if she leaves you after trying your cuckold fantasy?

A monogamous hotwife? 3

What if that guy she’s having sex with turns into something more? Isn’t that what you’re worried about? You can’t help who you fall in love with, right? There’s a difference between that feeling of puppy-dog infatuation that teenagers feel and the real love that couples experience in a long-term relationship. If she’s having sex …

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Almost any wife will do it

A monogamous hotwife? 4

It might not be because of your fantasy. It might be because she had the opportunity. Because the other guy was assertive in just the right way at just the right time. She’s not a slut or a cheater. She only happened to fall into the wrong circumstances. If you’ve got cuck or stag-husband tendencies, …

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When your shy wife is ready to be a hotwife

A monogamous hotwife? 5

She’s known about your “kinky fantasy” for years. For years, she told you no way. I can’t do that. I won’t do that. That’s not what married people do. That’s not how good girls act. Then something changes. Ten or fifteen or twenty years of monogamy and now she’s thinking about it. What if we …

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Are you trying too hard to make her a hotwife?

A monogamous hotwife? 6

Gentlemen, if you want her to be your hotwife, you have to avoid this simple mistake. But almost every man does it. That mistake is coming on too strong. Pressuring her. Trying to force her. Worse still, whining and begging for it. Maybe you’ve got strong cuck tendencies and want her to dominate you. Maybe …

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Having “the conversation” with your hotwife

A monogamous hotwife? 7

What, you haven’t told her? Why not? Are you afraid she’ll say no? Are you more afraid she’ll say yes? Communication is everything even in a “normal” marriage. When you’re letting her play with other guys, it’s crucial. If you can’t even bring it up to her, do you think you’re going to have a …

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Digital stag/vixen couples

A monogamous hotwife? 8

Smartphones and dating apps make it easier than ever to find a hookup. They also open up a whole new world of sexual exploration. Guys who feel the urge to watch her with someone else have an easy way to “ease her in” to this strange and shocking fantasy. Ladies find it easier than ever …

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Hotwives breaking the rules

A monogamous hotwife? 9

Cuckold relationships live or die by the rules you set together. You’ve agreed that she’s allowed to cheat. Only it’s not cheating when you’ve agreed you’re playing by new rules. What “cheating” means is different for each couple. Maybe you’re making it all about sex. No kissing, no sexting, no dating outside of your hookups. …

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Your wife’s hot past

A monogamous hotwife? 10

When you find out she did dirty things before the two of you met, that can be sexy. She had a threesome in college. She cheated on an old boyfriend. She had sex with her boss to get a raise. Her ex was twice as big as you and made her climax from penetration (You’ve …

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